Household waste - domestic bins

The refuse and recycling scheme in Corby involves three wheelie bins which are collected on alternate weeks and a food waste caddy that is collected weekly.  The bin(s) must be placed at the kerbside by 7am on day of collection. Use this link to find out which bin to put out this week

To report a missed domestic refuse collection using this online form 

See table below for what can and cannot be placed in your bins


Black wheelie bin

 Black Wheelie Bin 

allowedNon-recyclable waste

not allowed Hot ashes

not allowed Heavy items


Additional Black Wheelie Bin

Households may be eligible for a temporary additional 140 litre black bin to use alongside the 240 litre standard bin, depending on the number of permanent residents / number of children in nappies in the household. Please contact Street Scene Hotline (01536) 464242 or visit the One Stop Shop

 Brown Wheelie Bin


Brown Wheelie Bin

You can recycle the following items in your brown bin:

allowedEmpty aerosols (do not pierce)

allowedAny coloured glass bottles and jars

not allowed No other form of glass e.g. pyrex, glass vases or ornaments

allowed Plastic e.g. drinks bottles, yoghurt pots, food trays/containers and margarine tubs

not allowedNo other form of plastic e.g. plastic bags, bin liners, plastic film or polystyrene

allowedPaper e.g. newspaper, magazines, junk mail, envelopes and shredded paper

allowedCans / tins (aluminium and steel) including biscuit and sweet tins

allowedWaxed cartons e.g. milk cartons and fruit juice cartons

allowedBottle tops and jar lids can also be recycled - please place loose in bin

allowedClean tin / aluminium foil and foil; trays

allowedCardboard e.g. toilet roll tubes, egg boxes, cereal boxes and cardboard packaging

Please note that if you have an excess of cardboard that will not fit into your brown bin please flatten it, tie neatly and present it next to your brown bin on the appropriate collection day.

 Green wheelie bin


Green Wheelie Bin

You can recycle the following items in your green bin:

allowedRabbit or guinea pig bedding



allowedWood shavings

allowedDried grass

allowedGrass cuttings

allowedHedge trimmings

allowedPlants / weeds


Please DO NOT put any other form of waste into the green bin:

not allowedDog or cat bedding

not allowedCardboard

not allowedPlastic bags / black bags

not allowedFood waste

not allowedAnimal faeces

not allowedPlant pots

not allowedHardcore or soil





Green Food Caddy

allowedMeat and fish - raw and cooked including bones

allowedFruit and vegetables - raw, cooked and peelings

allowedAll dairy products such as cheese, eggs and eggshells

allowedBread, cakes and pastries

allowedRice, pasta and beans

allowedUneaten food from plates and dishes

allowedTea bags and cofee grounds

allowedFood that is frozen, mouldy or out of date

not allowedNo plastic bags, packaging and newspapers or any other form of waste


Food waste can be placed into corn starch liners but please note that liners are not necessary, if you choose to place your food waste loose into your food caddy it will still be emptied. Corn starch liners can be bought at: the One Stop Shop, the Autumn Centre, the Beanfield Community Centre, any Saturday at the Library, or from many retailers.

You can order your green food caddy for FREE on 01536 – 464242, Street Scene Hotline, or at the One Stop Shop (The Cube, NN17 1QG Corby). All of your food waste, whether big or small, will be collected WEEKLY in all areas of Corby.


‘I’m in to win’ campaign

If you haven’t started to recycle your food, now it is a good time to start. Do not miss the opportunity to register at  to win monthly prizes in Corby borough and county wide, just by recycling your food waste. How to participate? Regularly recycle your food waste, and simply present your green food caddy on your normal collection day, with the sticker you will receive by post, after registering your address.

For more information on the ‘I’m in to win’ campaign and registering, please visit:

Why should I recycle food waste?

A quarter of all the food that an average family buys ends up in the bin, adding up to a cost of £470 per year on average to household bills.

Preventing food waste or recycling it can save you money, helping Corby Borough Council to use resources more efficiently for its population.

All of the food waste collected at the kerbside is take to Material Change for treatment.  The facility produces agricultural grade comspot that can be used on farms.

For the love of food

CBC in partnership with Kier and Love Food Hate Waste have put together a food booklet which is available in the downloads section on this page.  This contains useful information about food storage, meal planning, use by dates and some recipe ideas.




If you put any non recyclable material or the incorrect recyclable material in the brown bin, green bin or food caddy it will be considered a 'contaminated bin'. A red tag will be placed on the bin. We will not return to collect this bin until the next normal collection day & the 'contamination' has been removed.

Handy Tips

do Place your bin(s) by the kerbside by 7am on collection day

doTake bin(s) back in as soon as possible following collection and store within boundaries

do Ensure your bins are clearly marked with the first line of your address

do Ensure your bin lid is closed - Bins WILL NOT be emptied if the lids are open

do Donate good quality clothes, shoes, linen, bric-a-brac and books to local charity shops

not allowed No side waste - Since 2004, in support of reducing waste going to landfill, Corby Borough Council has had a policy of not collecting waste put out beside bins

not allowed Waste sacks left in the street will be classed as fly tipping which can result in financial penalties



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