Household clinical waste

A clinical waste collection service is offered by Corby Borough Council.

An application form together with evidence of a prescription or letter is needed from a Doctor, Nurse or Health Visitor requesting a clinical waste collection service be provided.  Please ensure that the letter explains why the service is required and lists the type of clinical waste being disposed of.  

Our applications are available to complete online where you can upload evidence, you will need to register for 'My Corby Account' or visit the One Stop Shop.

Clinical Collection

You will be provided with yellow sacks in which your clinical waste must be placed.  These will be replaced on collection.

Sharps Collection

Sharps must not be put in the yellow sack.  If you do require a sharps collection service we will provide you with an appropriate purpose-made container which will also be replaced upon collection.

Last updated: Wednesday 20th December 2017 12:19:16 PM
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