Household clinical waste

A clinical waste collection service is offered by Corby Borough Council.

An application form together with evidence of a prescription or letter is needed from a Doctor, Nurse or Health Visitor requesting a clinical waste collection service.  Please ensure that the letter explains why the service is required and lists the type of clinical waste being disposed of.  

Our applications are available to complete online where you can upload evidence, you will need to register for 'My Corby Account' or visit the One Stop Shop or you can apply by dialing 01536 464000.

Once all the information is provided, the Council will decide what type of collection you need:

  • ADHOC – as and when needed (booking required)

  • One off Collection - if the applicant produces one sharp box a year

  • Weekly medical / clinical collection

  • Additional 140ltr black bin 

Medical Waste

If your medical waste is infectious we will collect this every Tuesday and must be available to collect from 7am.  This cannot go in your black bin.


If you are producing 3 or more bags of medical waste (non-infectious/offensive) a week, we will collect this every Tuesday and must be available from 7am on that day.  If there are 2 or less bags of medical waste (non-infectious/offensive), please place this in your black bin.  If you don’t have enough space in your black bin, we will issue you with an additional 140ltr black bin and it will be emptied together with your normal black bin (please use normal black bags for this waste). 



Clinical Waste

If you are filling your clinical needles box each week we will collect every Tuesday from 7am or we can offer an adhoc service and ask you to do is contact our One Stop Shop who will book you in for the following Tuesday for a collection.


 If you do require a sharps collection service we or your GP will provide you with an appropriate purpose-made container which will also be replaced upon collection.



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