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Bulky Waste collection service for large household items

A special (Bulky Waste) collection service is available for residents for up to 5 household items  you would take with you when moving house not fixtures or fittings. Items include TVs, furniture and carpet (one piece of carpet counts as one item), fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, 3 piece suites and tumble dryers.

A bulky/special collection service is available to all domestic properties within the boroughs of Corby and Kettering. A maximum of 5 items can be collected on any one occasion.  This is a chargeable service.

These collections are only for items that you would take with you when you move house not fixtures or fittings. A list of items that will be accepted as part of this service is available on the form requesting this service.  All items due for collection must be placed at the nearest access point to the road within your property boundary.  If items are left outside please ensure that they are covered in the event of rain.

When attending if items are considered too big or heavy for an operative we have the right to refuse the service.

Collection staff will not go onto private property to make collections unless there are exceptional circumstances, which have been agreed with the relevant department.

If items are not available for collection on the agreed date a fee may be charged for a return visit. 48 hours cancellation notice must be given for any unwanted collections. If notice is not given or operatives arrive at the premises and no items are presented for collection, refunds will not be issued.

From 1 April 2021 charges increase to £30.00 for a maximum of 5 items. Discounted prices are no longer available.

Due to the current outbreak of Coronavirus, Corby Borough Council  has regretfully made the decision to reduce service to an absolute minimum following the recent speech from the Prime Minister. All of the following will remain under review. 

Corby Cube, One Stop Shop and Cashiers is CLOSED until further notice.

You now apply for a Bulky Waste collection on line using this link (opens in a new window) Once you submit the form you will be contacted to arrange collection date & make payment.

Last updated: Wednesday 23rd June 2021 08:25:54 AM
Review date: Saturday 23rd April 2022 05:15:46 PM