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Assisted refuse collection

Do you have difficulty pulling your wheelie bin to the kerbside? 

It is not Corby Borough Council’s policy to collect and return bins from anywhere but the kerbside.  However, where an occupier is registered disabled or otherwise incapacitated and there is no member of the household capable of performing the task, Corby Borough Council in partnership with Kier Street Services will make arrangements for your wheelie bins to be pulled out from your household to the kerbside on collection day and returned.


  • Who can qualify for the pull out service? - Anyone who is disabled or elderly having problems pulling the bins out themselves. Proof of eligibility is required.
  • Am I charged for this service? - This is a free service provided to the elderly and disabled.
  • My bin is in my back garden will they take it from there? - Yes as long as we can gain access to the back garden on your bin day we will pull it out and return it to your place of choice.
  • What happens if I do not require the service? - Call us or pop into the One Stop Shop and we will cancel the service.

Evidence of your disability will need to be provided such as a GP report or a copy of the front cover of your disability book.

You can contact our One Stop Shop to apply or 'Do it online' by registering for an account to complete the form and upload any supporting documentation.



Last updated: Tuesday 7th July 2020 02:44:13 PM
Review date: Tuesday 12th July 2022 02:43:50 PM