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Street Scene Officers are trained to investigate environmental crimes.  Where appropriate they will issue an on the spot Fixed Penalty Notice of £80 and more serious incidents will be taken to court where applicable.

SSO's will:

~ Issue FPN's to culprits that litter

~ Issue FPN's to any person allowing a dog in their care to foul and who does not pick up their waste

~ Investigate abandoned / nuisance vehicles and arrange for them to be removed / siezed

~ Carry out Duty of Care inspections on local businesses

~ Issue Street Litter Control Orders to local businesses that fail to keep their immediate area free from litter

~ Issue Section 46 Notices to residents that fail to comply with the terms of the kerbside refuse and recycling scheme

~ Seek to prosecute fly tippers

~ Serve Graffiti Notices on the offender / person responsible.  Failure to comply will result in an £80 FPN being served



Last updated: Friday 28th January 2022 01:32:06 PM
Review date: Monday 23rd January 2023 01:31:51 PM