Private tenants - advice & support

TheEnvironmental Protection Team provides advice and assistance for tenants of private landlords within the borough. On this page you will find basic information about housing conditions, Security of tenure and harassment/eviction.
Landlord and Tenant responsibilities assured and assured Shorthold tenancy's

Both you and your landlord have certain duties to ensure your home is kept at an acceptable standard. The Communities and Local Government Department produced a booklet which set out the basic right and responsibilities of tenants and Landlords. This booklet does not provide an authoritative interpretation of the law; only the courts can do that. Nor does it cover every case.

If you are in doubt about your legal rights or obligations you would be well advised to seek information from a Law Centre , Citizens Advice Bureau , or to consult a solicitor. The addresses and phone numbers of advice organisations are listed in the telephone directory
How to complain If your landlord is not fulfilling their duties
If you feel that your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations then contact the Environmental Protection Team

They will contact you to discuss the situation. Usually they will then visit you and decide what further action is required. 
Lodging or living with a landlord

If you currently lodge with someone or share the property you live in with the Landlord then the booklet from the Communities and Local Government Department helps set out your rights. 
Harassment and Illegal Eviction

Harassment is the illegal disruption of the right of a tenant to live undisturbed in their home. It is usually done to cause the tenants to leave the property. The Council will take all appropriate steps necessary to stop this practice.

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