Private Sector Housing Enforcement Policy

Background to the Policy

The Council has statutory powers and duties to regulate private sector housing (contained within the Housing Act 2004 and the Housing and Planning Act 2016) and to ensure that it is well managed, properly maintained, safe and habitable. To do this, we will request information, carry out inspections, process licence applications, assist in bringing empty properties back into use, encourage and promote good practice, provide owners and landlords with advice and information, investigate possible offences and, where appropriate, take enforcement action and prosecute offenders. 

The Government has set out new initatives to help Local Authorities in improving conditions in the private rented sector. The main changes, which are incorporated in the revised Enforcement Policy are:

  • Civil Penalties
  • Banning Orders
  • Rent Repayment Orders
  • HMO Mandatory Licence changes

Aims of the Policy

The policy has been revised to include civil penalties and a fining matrix, aiming to incorporate legislative changes since the previous policy which was adopted in 2007. Use of this policy will:

  Provide additonal protection to tenants in privately rented properties.

  Enable use of a wider range of appropriate sanctions against landlords who are non-compliant with legislation.

  Enable use of a wider range of appropriate sanctions against landlords who place their tenants at risk/in danger.

  Allow the Council to raise standards within the private rented sector.


Please find the policy in the "downloads" section at the bottom of the page. 



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