Disabled Facilities Grant For Residents

What is a Disabled Facility Grant?

Disabled Facility Grants (DFG's) are mandatory grants subject to means testing and are available to people with a disability. These grants are for works to a property to enable disabled persons to manage independently in their own home. Works might include:

  • Providing or improving the access into and out of the home
  • Making access easier to the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, including installation of a stair-lift
  • Providing suitable bathroom and kitchen facilities


How to Apply:


Applicants can be owner-occupiers, council tenants or private tenants.

The Disabled Facilities Grant is subject to a test of resources (means tested) on the person with the disability and their spouse. In cases where works are for the benefit of a child there is no test of resources carried out.

The maximum Grant available is £30,000, subject to a test of resources.


  1.  Applicants should contact Environmental Services directly on 01536 464175 and request a referral is made for an assessment of their needs.
  2.  Environmental Services will send the applicant a form to fill in.
  3. Once the initial form is completed and returned, the Council will carry out the necessary means test on the applicant.
  4. If the applicant is eligible for a grant, a referral will be sent to the Community Occupational Therapy team who will make an appointment to visit the applicant in their home and assess their mobility needs.
  5. Following this visit, a recommendation of all necessary aids and required adaptations will be issued to the Council.
  6. If the applicant is not eligible for a grant, they will be contacted by a member of the team and be informed accordingly. It may still be worth applying for a grant even if the applicant did not qualify initially because they failed the test of resources. 
  7. Contributions towards one grant can be taken into account for any subsequent applications and this may reduce the applicant’s contribution should a future application be necessary.


More Information

Applicants need to be assessed by the Community Occupational Therapist, who can be contacted on 01604 361323, Monday –Friday 9-5pm. 

It should be noted that works are prioritised by the Community Occupational Therapy team as Critical, Urgent or Standard. This priority is given according to the urgency required to meet the applicant’s needs.

The Disabled Facilities Grants are provided by Corby Borough Council and Environmental Services assists applicants throughout the process.

If you require more information regarding the Disabled Facilities Grant, please contact Environmental Services on 01536 464175. 



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