Water Quality

Anglian Water are the main suppliers of water and drainage. The local authority Environmental Health Team are responsible for monitoring the quality of water in some circumstances.

  • Private Water Supplies - we have a number of domestic and public water supplies.   This tells us what the standards of the water should be and how often we have to test the water depending upon its use.
  • Bathing Waters - Commercial Section of Environmental Health is the Health and Safety Enforcing Authority for bathing waters in leisure centres, sports clubs, gyms and private parks in Corby.
  • Mains Water Supply -  If you believe that there is a problem with your mains drinking water, you should in the first instance contact Anglian Water.  If you are in a tenanted property, you may also contact your landlord. If it is your own property, then you could also consult a plumber as there could be faults with your plumbing installation.
  • Drainage - Please click on the link for further information on Public and Private Sewers 

If you are not happy with responses from Anglian Water, you should then contact the Drinking Water Inspectorate.
For more information contact the Corby Borough Council One Stop Shop 

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