Public Register of Permitted Processes

Under Environmental Permitting regulation 46, Local Authorities are required to keep and maintain a public register which contains information on all LA-IPPC (Local Authority Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) and LAPPC (Local Authority Pollution Prevention Control) installations and mobile plants they are responsible for. 

The public register is viewable below or by visiting the Council offices between 8:40am and 5:00pm. 

We are currently reviewing our public register, so some information may not be up to date. If you are looking for specific information, please contact Environmental Services on 01536 464175.



Last updated: Friday 4th October 2019 10:08:01 AM
Review date: Monday 28th September 2020 10:07:43 AM

Environmental Permits

Operator Name Issue Date Process Description Risk Rating Site address Document
Caswell Adhesives 09/07/1999 Coating - Manafacture Low

6 Princewood Road,
Earlstrees Ind. Estate,
Corby, NN17 4AP

Caswell Adhesives Permit (2.27 MB)
CCI Ltd 01/04/2003 Tar and Bitumen Low

5 Priors Haw Road,
Weldon, Corby
NN17 5PH

CCI Permit (495.67 KB)
Echo Packaging Ltd 01/10/2010 Coating - Flexible Packaging Medium

Sondes Road,
Willowbrook Ind Est.,
Corby, NN17 5XL

Echo Packaging Permit (997.11 KB)
Euro Garages Ltd 08/10/2018 Petrol Filling Station Low

BP Corby Service Station,
Corby Road, Weldon,
Corby, NN17 3AR

BP Corby Permit (330.66 KB)
Gefco UK Ltd 01/04/2004 Vehicle Refinishing Low

Gefco UK Ltd,
2 Geddington Road,
Corby, NN18 8EZ

Gefco Permit (468.62 KB)
Guaranteed Asphalt 11/01/1996 Tar and Bitumen Low

Guaranteed Asphalt,
Princewood Road,
Earlstrees Ind Est.,
Corby, NN17 4AP

GA Permit (387.15 KB)
HGS (Leicester) Ltd 12/08/2009 Petrol Filling Station Low
Shell Garage,
Cottingham Road,
Corby, NN17 2UN
Scanned Signed Copy of Permit.pdf (360.35 KB)
HKS Retail Ltd 09/01/2019 Petrol Filling Station Low

Southern Gateway,
Uppingham Road,
Corby, NN18 8TJ

Signed Simplified Permit May 2017.pdf (344.42 KB)
iFoam 27/06/2018 Isocyanate Medium

Unit A Tyson Courtyard,
Weldon South Industrial Est,
Corby, NN18 8AZ

iFoam Permit (1020.93 KB)
Jet (Geddington Rd) 15/12/1998 Petrol Filling Station Low

Jet Petrol Station,
Geddington Road,
Corby, NN18 8AA

Jet (Geddington Rd) Permit (638.04 KB)
Jet (Rockingham Rd) 03/07/2006 Petrol Filling Station Low

Jet Service Station,
Rockingham Road,
Corby, NN17 2AE

Jet (Rockingham Rd) Permit (351.17 KB)
Johnsons Cleaners 26/06/2007 Dry Cleaners Low

Concession, ASDA,
Phoenix Parkway,
Corby, NN17 5DT

Johnsons Cleaners Permit (368.14 KB)
Mail Solutions 20/09/2006 Coating - Printers Low

12-16 Cronin Courtyard,
Weldon South Ind. Est.,
Corby, NN18 8AG

Morgan Technical Ceramics 31/03/2008 Ceramic Low

92C-D Brunel Road,
Corby, NN17 4JW

Morgan Technical Ceramics Permit (723.51 KB)
Morrisons Petrol Station 02/12/1998 Petrol Filling Station Low

Morrisons Petrol Station,
Oakley Road, Snatchill,
Corby, NN18 8LH

Morrisons PFS Permit (295.72 KB)