Nuisance Vehicles

  • Have you seen an abandoned vehicle recently?
  • Are you tired of burnt-out cars creating an eye-sore?
  • Is there an abandoned or nuisance vehicle outside your house?
  • Are you wondering where you can report it?
  • If so, Call ELVIS today on 08456 121 999
  • Or report the problem online (opens in a new window)

ELVIS is the End of Life Vehicle Impound Scheme

A joint operation by Northamptonshire's Arson Task Force, Northamptonshire Police, the County Council's Waste Management team and the borough and district councils, the ELVIS team will inspect abandoned and nuisance cars within 24 hours of notification and remove them within 48 hours if appropriate.

Abandoned vehicles are often involved in or are the subject of crimes, they are hazardous to the public and the environment, encouraging vandalism and arson. Thanks to ELVIS, all you need to do to clear the streets of these hazards is provide details of the registration number, type and condition of the abandoned car and its location.

ELVIS will do the rest. Don't delay, don't put up with abandoned cars littering your county. It has been demonstrated that through speedier collection of abandoned vehicles, vehicle arson is reduced, neighbourhoods are improved and there is a reduced fear of crime. The new scheme will cost significantly less to operate than previous methods of removal and will reduce fire service call-out costs.

10 Ways to spot an abandoned car:

  1. Does it look vandalised and/or fire damaged?
  2. Does it look unused and in poor condition?
  3. Has it been there for over a week?
  4. Is there a valid tax disc?
  5. Are the wheels or petrol cap missing?
  6. Have parts been removed or damaged? (e.g. broken windows or flat tyres)
  7. Has it been parked or abandoned in an isolated or unusual location?
  8. Is it a known area for abandoned vehicles?
  9. Have you seen anybody use it or act suspiciously around it?
  10. It is full of rubbish/hazardous material/ combustibles?

If you think you have spotted an abandoned vehicle, don't ignore it - call ELVIS on 08456 121 999 and we'll do the rest.

Further Information
For more information about abandoned vehicles please click on the link below:

What is an abandoned vehicle

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