Noise Pollution

The council operates a full service to deal with noise complaints. In most cases it is better to contact the person causing the nuisance yourself. However, if this approach fails, then the Environmental Health Team will try to assist in establishing that a nuisance exists and take appropriate steps to resolve it, which may result in legal action and court appearance.

Statutory Noise

Are defined by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 , and may include:-

  • Industrial and Commercial noise
  • Agricultural noise, including bird scarers
  • Noise from construction and demolition works
  • Domestic noise including amplified music and DIY
  • Barking Dogs
  • Leisure activities, e.g. clay pigeon shoots, concerts, motor events
  • Noise from vehicles, equipment and machinery in the street
  • Audible intruder alarms 


Private Nuisances

Which may not necessarily warrant action by the Environmental Health department:- Domestic sounds of occupation e.g.

  • Slamming Doors
  • Raised Voices
  • Children
  • Lawn Mowers

Complaints that Corby Borough Council do not enforce include:-

  • Traffic Noise 
  • Aircraft - fixing wing and helicopters (Civil Aviation Authority)
  • Armed forces activities

For further information down load our 'Noise Complaint' leaflet on the righside of this page.  If you have any questions or would like to report a complaint please contact Corby Borough Council One Stop Shop.


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