Noise Complaints


Noise, especially if persistent and continuing can be distressing and also impact on a persons quality of life. In most cases, it is better to contact the person responsible for the noise yourself, and try to settle the issue informally. However, if this approach fails, then Environmental Services can assist in investigating your complaint. Corby Borough Council can deal with noise complaints arising from both commercial and domestic premises.


Types of Noise We Can Investigate


  Persistent dog barking

  Loud music, television or video games

  Persistent DIY noise

  Loud equipment or machinery

  Audible intruder alarms

  Noise associated with leisure activities e.g. motor events, concerts or clay pigeon shoots

  Noise from construction and demolition works

  Agricultural noise, e.g bird scarers

  Noise from pubs, clubs and bars

  Noise from industrial and commercial premises


Types of Noise We Cannot Investigate


  Day-to-day domestic noise 

  Children playing and babies crying

  Noise associated with military or political demonstrations

  Road noise

  Aircraft noise


Please Note: If you are experiencing noise associated with anti-social behaviour, such as screaming and shouting, you can make a complaint to Community Safety using the following method: 


How to Make a Complaint


     Call the One Stop Shop on 01536 464000


   Visit The CubeVisit the One Stop Shop at The Cube


To make a complaint, use one of the above methods. You will need to know the address that the noise is coming from in order to make the complaint. Once your complaint has been made it will be allocated to an Officer from Environmental Services. They will then contact you to discuss your complaint further, therefore providing correct contact details is essential.


Please Note: We do not accept anonymous noise complaints. 

 The NoiseApp


We now use the NoiseApp to help investigate noise complaints. The App is free of charge and can be downloaded and used on smartphones running iOS 9.1 or later, or Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later. It enables users to send 30 second recordings of the noise that is affecting them, allowing us to get a better understanding of the nature of the noise that's occurring. It can be used to replace or supplement the Council's usual method of monitoring sheets. Users can then also input details of the noise, such as the source, the location and a brief description.

If you would like to use the NoiseApp as part of your ongoing complaint, please call your case officer and they will be able to inform you further. If you do not yet have a complaint made with the Council, please see the process detailed above. 

Please Note: We are unable to accept NoiseApp registrations or recordings from users who have not made a complaint via the Council's noise complaint process (as detailed above). 


If you require further information on the NoiseApp and how to use it, please see the links below. 


Introduction Video by RHE Global Walkthrough Video by RHE Global User Guide by RHE Global NoiseApp Website Responsible Use



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