Drainage Advice

The sewers and drains, which serve a property, do not generally belong to Anglian Water or Corby Borough Council but are the householders' responsibility, singularly or with neighbours to keep clean and repair. The council does have legal powers to ensure that owners of private drains and sewers maintain them.

If you have a blocked drain you should first try and investigate where the blockage is. If it is your drain that is blocked then you are responsible for unblocking it and you may wish to clear the blockage yourself or contact a private company to clear it. Your insurance may cover the cost of these works.

If it is a private sewer than you will need to check which of your neighbours are affected by the blockage, and then contact a private company to clear the private sewer with your neighbours contributing to the cost. All your neighbours above where the fault lies are equally responsible for the cost of the repair.

If it is the public sewer then it is the responsibility of Anglian Water and you should contact them on 08457 145 145. 

We have provided some information on what not to put down drains, including the toilet, to avoid blockages. 


Last updated: Tuesday 19th November 2019 11:57:29 AM
Review date: Friday 13th November 2020 11:56:41 AM