Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation - Guidance for Developers

Air Quality and Emissions Mitigation - Guidance for Developers


The environment can impact negatively on the health and wellbeing of the population and of all the environmental factors, air pollution has the greatest impact. Current evidence indicates that air pollution is associated with cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, respiratory disease, asthma and stroke. Air pollution disproportionately affects the young, older people, those with underlying cardiopulmonary conditions and the most deprived within our communities.


This technical planning guidance has been prepared in conjunction with the East Midlands Air Quality Network (EMAQN) and has been developed to supplement the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) . This guidance will be reviewed and updated in light of any specific future national and local policy changes. 


The East Midlands Air Quality Network (EMAQN) is a group of environmental health, public health, planning and transport professionals who aim to improve air quality across the East Midlands by sharing knowledge and best practice.


Developers applying for Planning Consent should review this document and have regard to its content, particularly with regard to the likely air quality impact of developments, which have been  categorised using the DfT Threshold Criteria for Transport Assessments  in addition to DEFRA’s Local Air Quality Management Technical Guidance (TG16) dated February 2018 .


Please note: this is not limited to developments leading to a significant change in road traffic flows or other transport sources, but also includes any development that may affect air quality, with relevant exposure nearby, such as:

  • Industrial installations such as energy from waste
  • Biomass boilers;
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant; and
  • Landfill sites, quarries, etc.

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EMAQ Guidance Government Info 


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