Air Quality

Section 82 of the Environment Act 1995 requires local authorities review air quality to assess whether defined air quality standards and objectives are being achieved and to publish their findings.  Areas where standards fall short must be identified and Air Quality Management Areas declared in order to secure subsequent compliance with standards.

Air quality in Corby Borough satisfies the defined air quality standards and, consequently, no Air Quality Management Areas have been declared.

Stage 1 Air Quality Review and Assessment – March 2000

The UK Government published its strategic policy framework for air quality management in 1995, establishing national strategies and policies on air quality which culminated in the Environment Act, 1995. As a requirement of the Act, the Secretary of State has since prepared a National Air Quality Strategy. The National Air Quality Strategy provides a framework for air quality control through air quality management and air quality standards. The Environment Act requires Local Authorities to undertake an air quality review. In areas where air quality objectives are not anticipated to be met by the year 2003, 2004 and 2005 as appropriate for the relevant pollutants, Local Authorities are required to establish Air Quality Management Areas. The first step in this process is to undertake a review of current and potential future air quality. The number of reviews necessary depends on the likelihood of achieving the objectives. This report is equivalent to a first stage air quality review as outlined in the Government’s published guidance. The air quality review investigates current and potential future air quality by examining the location and size of principal emission sources and by referring to data from air quality monitoring.

Download Stage 1 Air Quality Review and Assessment

Stage 2 Air Quality Review and Assessment.

This second stage report examines the areas identified as requiring further work from the Stage 1 report and concludes whether the authority needs to declare any air quality management areas.

Download Stage 2 Air Quality Review and Assessment.

Air Quality Updating and Screening Assessment - Progress Reports

 Part IV of the Environment Act 1995 requires that Local Authorities periodically review air quality within their areas. This process of LAQM is an integral part of delivering the Government’s Air Quality Objectives. The Progress Report reviews the pollutants specified under LAQM with regard to guidance issued by Defra in 2003 and the objectives specified in the Air Quality (England) Regulations (2000), the 2002 (amended) objectives and EU Limit Values.

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