Air Handling Units

Air handling units can result in unnecessary fan or vibration noise which causes disturbance to people living nearby. Disturbance is often exaggerated because air conditioning units can run at night. Often simple maintenance by an engineer can improve the situation.

Air handling units within buildings may be linked to air conditioning systems. Some air conditioning systems e.g. those which use evaporative cooling, may pose potential health risks if not properly maintained. The message is therefore "make sure your air handling units are serviced at appropriate intervals, and follow the instructions by the supplier or manufacturer".

Statutory noise nuisance from air handling units can be investigated by the councils Environmental Health Section. If you are experiencing this type of noise nuisance advice and information can be obtained by contacting us on
Environmental Services
Corby Borough Council
Deene House
New Post Office Square
NN17 1GD

Tel: 01536 464052
Fax: 01536 464644

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