Saving Energy - advice

This page gives you information and advice on how best to save energy.

Why should we be energy efficient?

Energy efficiency means being sensible with the energy we consume. The more efficiently we use energy, the less energy we use – and pay for. Reasons why you should by energy efficient;

  1. To save money -  energy prices are increasing, so consuming less energy will mean spending less of our income.  A third of the energy we use in the home on average is wasted, such as heating escaping out of the windows and walls.   You could save up to 20% of the energy you consume, and save money off your energy bills.
  2. To enjoy a warmer home - a more energy efficient home will heat up more quickly and remain warmer for longer. More importantly you will get the best out of your boiler.
  3. To reduce your impact on the environment - consuming less energy means that you will have less of an impact on the environment by using less gas/electricity, reduce air pollution by decreasing the need to burn fuel to create energy, and will contribute in reducing the affects of climate change.

Top tips to save energy and money

  • Insulate, insulate, insulate - the roof, walls, doors, windows, floors, and draughts. For more information click here for our energy grants page. For general energy information visit the government home energy website called 'each home counts'.
  • Boiler and heating systems - check your boiler, check your timer, is it working efficiently? Regular servicing, or check who you pay your bills to as you maybe able to receive a grant for an upgrade.  For more information click here for our energy grants page. For general energy information visit the government home energy website called 'each home counts'.
  • Lights - turn them off when not in use and consider replacing to LED's, or installing home automation kits.
  • Electric appliances - turn stuff off when you're not using them, including all those phone chargers, don't leave them on standby.
  • White goods - Defrost your fridge regularly, run the washing machine with full loads on 30, if looking to replace for a new one upgrade to A rated appliances. Replace the tumble drier and hangout your washing instead.
  • Kettles/Pans - only boil what you need and use pan lids.
  • Make your own energy - consider solar panels, solar thermal panels and proven renewable technology only once you've got a hold on your insulation.
  • Switch - changing your energy supplier on a regular basis can help save you money and get you on the best tariff. Or ask your energy supplier to put you on their best tarrif.
  • Travel - consider changing your internal combustion engine car for a bicycle or an electric vehicle. Corby has the largest amount of public and business recharging per capita in the UK. Depending on your travel patterns you maybe able to save considerable amount of money.

For more information and advice on saving money your home energy bills contact the Northamptonshire Energy Saving Service (NESS) a multi-agency service providing advice and information which is free, independent and confidential on 01604 623700 or Or visit the NESS webpage here.

For further advice on greener travel options, renewable energy and climate change issues contact Corby Borough Council via Green Corby.

Last updated: Tuesday 31st December 2019 04:27:00 PM