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Energy Efficiency Grants - Households

This page will help give you information on how to access funds for new boilers, insulation and renewable technology such as heat pumps. You may be moving to a new home, you would like a home which keeps its warmth, or your boiler needs replacing.

LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) - home energy visit

  • Corby Borough Council, Northants Public Health project with AgilityECO 
  • Free home energy visit (currently over the phone due to Covid), which aims to help ensure Corby householders get access to affordable warmth
  • Book a home visit www.applyforleap.org.uk
  • 0800 060 7567
  • Eligibility on weblink
  • Covers social, rental and private homes in the area of Corby, Gretton, Rockingham, Middleton, Cottingham, East Carlton, Stanion and Weldon.

Green Homes Grant *CLOSED*

  • Government voucher scheme to help fund home insulation and heating up to £10,000 depending on your circumstances
  • Closed March 2021
  • All installers you choose must be Trustmark approved
  • Includes measures such as cavity, external or internal wall insulation, heat pumps, solar thermal panels, and windows. 
  • More information visit Gov.uk

Connected for Warmth - first time gas central heating 

  • AgilityECO project
  • Free first time gas central heating (some landlords will be asked to contribute) for electrically heated homes (some other heating types apply so do confirm if unsure).
  • Also covers private homes in North Northants and West Northants
  • For further information visit Connectforwarmth

My ECO Home - insulation & boilers 

  • AgilityECO project – referral via LEAP home energy visit (see scheme above)
  • Insulation and/or heating measures through Governments ECO scheme
  • Eligibility; in receipt of ECO qualifying benefits or Northants Warm Homes ECO Flex eligible
  • Covers private homes in the area of Corby, Gretton, Rockingham, Middleton, Cottingham, East Carlton, Stanion and Weldon.

 ECHO - emergency boiler/repairs *CLOSED for referrals*

  • AgilityECO project – referral via Environmental Health call 0300 126 3000​. or envhealth.cbc@northnorthants.gov.uk
  • Free gas boiler repairs or boiler replacements for homes in no heat situation
  • Eligibility; in receipt of ECO qualifying benefits or low income & vulnerable to cold via Northants Warm Homes ECO Flex eligibility
  • Also covers private homes in North Northants and West Northants.

 HEART - White good appliances  *CLOSED for referrals*

  • AgilityECO project – referral via LEAP (see scheme above)
  • Free replacement white goods; cookers/fridges/washing machines
  • Referral into scheme from LEAP visit (details above)
  • Eligibility; same as LEAP above

Northants Energy Saving Service - energy finance help

  • Community Law and Northants County Council project
  • Free independent financial energy support for Northamptonshire residents 
  • www.northamptonshireenergysavingservice.org.uk                         
  • 01604 623 700
  • Eligibility – yes need to contact NESS
  • Covers social and private homes across Northamptonshire

Generating your own energy - renewable technology

You can make your own energy on your roof through solar photovoltaic panels, solar thermal panels, and heat through air or ground source heat pumps. If you are considering this as an option to become more energy efficient you may want to explore the following:

  • The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) makes the purchase of some renewable technologies more advantageous, as the RHI will help cover the investment of the technology over time.
  • The feed in tarrif for solar panels has now come to an end.
  • The Energy Saving Trust have a list of local and national panel installers who are part of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website www.energysavingtrust.org.uk
  • You may need to notify the Council’s Planning Department as you may have to apply for planning permission if you live in a conservation area.  If you live outside of a conservation area you can have panels installed through ‘Permitted Development Rights’.  For further information or to notify the Council’s Planning Department of your intention, contact the Planning Department call 01536 464 158 or email planningservices.cbc@northnorthants.gov.uk.
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