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Stray Dogs

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Reporting a Stray Dog

If you find or see a stray dog, you can contact the Council between 9am - 4pm, Monday to Friday to report this. You can contact us by:

If you find a stray dog outside of the Council's opening hours, please keep hold of the dog until the next working day if you are able to. If the dog was involved in an accident or emergency, please call the Police on either 101 or 999, depending on the nature of the situation.

Reclaiming a Dog

Dogs found without sufficient identification (i.e. a microchip or a collar and tag with the owners contact details) will be collected by an Officer from the Council and taken to our kennels, where they will be held for a period of 7 days. If an owner comes forward, a fee and any other costs (such as veterinary costs) must be paid to the Council before the dog is released. If the dog is not claimed after the period of 7 days, it will be re-homed.

If a dog is found with valid ownership information, an Officer from the Council will contact the owner, arrange payment of a stray dog fee and where possible and reasonable, make arrangements for the dog to be reunited with them. 

If your dog has strayed, or you believe the Council has picked it up, please contact the Customer First team by calling 0300 1263000. 

Advice to Owners

  • Since April 2016, it has been a legal requirement to ensure your dog is micro-chipped and for the details on the microchip to be up to date. 
  • If you have recently moved home or changed your contact details, contact chip provider to let them know so that they can update the details held on the database.
  • Ensure any garden fences or walls are of a suitable height/design to prevent dogs escaping.
  • Ensure you always have control of your dog, and use a lead when required.
  • Always ensure your dog is wearing a collar with a tag, to help others contact you should the dog stray.
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