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Dog fouling

Corby Borough Council enforces the legislation relating to dog fouling and Council Officers issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people permitting dogs under their control to foul in a public place where faeces is not disposed of appropriately.

Dog faeces constitutes a major risk to health, particularly to children. It may contain eggs of the Toxocara round worm, which can cause infections in the body that can lead to headaches, nausea, epilepsy, asthma and even blindness. More recently the hazard has increased because of the potential transfer of E-coli 0157 infection from dog faeces to humans. The symptoms of E-coli 0157 range from mild to severe, bloody diarrhoea, acute abdominal pain, vomiting, and fever.

Reporting Dog Fouling

If you witness someone letting their dog foul without cleaning it up afterwards in a public place, you should report this to the One Stop Shop on 0300 126 3000​. with as much information as possible, such as:

  • Time/date/location of incident
  • Frequency of offence if it happens regularly
  • Description/breed of dog
  • Any other descriptions to help identify the offender
  • Your name/address/phone number
  • Name/address of offender if known.

It is difficult to catch offenders without the above information and a Council Officer needs to witness the offence being committed before a Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued. If you cannot provide the above information, we can still carry out patrols in your area, but the chance of catching the offender is much smaller.

What is the best way of disposing of dog waste?

Dog faeces should be picked up using a poop scoop bag and disposed of in a dog or litter bin. If there is no dog bin available it can be taken home and put into your black wheelie bin. Any dog faeces collected at home should be placed in a plastic bag, tied and put into your black wheelie bin.

Dog bins are located away from children's play areas and sports fields to discourage owners form taking their dogs into these areas. Even if owners clean up after the dogs, disease can still be contracted from germs that remain on the ground and are not visible to the human eye.

Further Information

Please click on the link below to view a document which explains about the issues involved with dog fouling: 


Dog fouling facts 

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