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Stray dogs 
Advice to Owners 
What to do if you find a stray dog 
The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 
Dog Fouling 
Control of Dogs

Stray dogs 
Stray dogs found within the Borough will be collected by an officer  and, where possible and reasonable, will be reunited with its owner.

If the stray has no collar and tag or other means of identification, it will be registered at the Local Authority. Details of the breed or type,  colour, sex and the place where it was found will be recorded.
If the owner does not come forward or can not be identified it will be  taken to Forest Lodge Kennels in Northampton where it will be held  for a period of 7 days.

If the stray is re-claimed by the owner within the 7 days, a fee of £40 plus kennelling and all other costs, will have to be paid to the Forest Lodge Kennels before the dog can be released. If unclaimed after that period of time, the dog will be re-homed.

Advice to Owners 
It is in your own interest, and your dog’s to ensure that you take proper care of your dog. Never allow it to roam freely under any circumstances. Garden fences need to be of adequate height and strength and garden gates should always be kept locked.

Always ensure your dog wears a collar and tag when in public places for identification.

It is a legal requirement that you microchip your dog.  For further information please follow this link

What to do if you find a stray dog
If a member of the public finds a stray dog, that person has a duty to inform the Local Authority to arrange collection during office working hours before 4pm. If you find a dog out of office house please either:
• Take the dog to our kennels in Northampton (call first to arrange acceptance)
• Keep the stray yourself and telephone the Local Authority on the next working day to arrange collection.

We would like to a dispel a myth:
A dog IS NOT allowed to have one bite so the very first time that your dog acts dangerously could end up in a Court.

Forest Lodge Address:
Forest Lodge Kennels
Forest Road
TEL: 01604 862239

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Control of Dogs 
We would ask that you keep our streets, parks and recreation areas pleasant to visit by keeping your dog under control at all times when in public areas.

Responsible Dog Ownership
Dog Collars:

  • Under the Control of Dogs Order of 1992 every dog, while in a highway or place of public resort, must wear a collar with a name and address of its owner inscribed on it or on a plate or badge attached to it.
  • If a collar is not worn when required, the dog may be seized by the police and treated by them as a stray.

Dog collars are not needed for:
• A pack of hounds
• Any dog while being used for sporting purposes, for the capture and destruction of vermin, or for the driving or tendering of cattle or sheep
• Any dog while being used on official duties by the Armed Forces, Customs and Exercise officers or the police
• Any dog whilst being used in emergency rescue work
• Any dog registered with the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

If you would like to log a complaint about dogs e.g dog fouling, stray dogs please contact our One Stop Shop on 01536 464242 or email

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