Procurement and working with Corby Borough Council

Procurement And Working With Corby Borough Council

Procurement has been recognised as an area that can assist with improving the service delivery to the Council’s customers.

With the introduction of a more forward-looking approach and strategic purchasing, progress can be achieved and investment of efficiency gains should lead to further improvements in the delivery of frontline services for Corby Borough Council’s customers. Releasing savings through effective procurement is a key element in meeting our savings target and achieving our corporate priorities.

The Procurement Process

The thresholds of the contract value determine the procurement process, and the choices that may be made.

Working with the Council

There is a statutory duty on the Council to ensure that the procurement of goods, works and services represents the most efficient solution and that the best possible value-for-money has been achieved.

The Advantages of supplying the Council are as follows;

  • The Council has a legal duty to be fair, honest and professional in both its initial choice and subsequent treatment of contractors / suppliers.
  • The Council is a financially stable customer.
  • The Council has a duty to pay promptly.
  • The Council seeks continuous improvement and works to develop innovative solutions that can benefit it and those it employs or contracts with.
  • The Council is a caring customer willing to work closely with those it employs and its contractors. It promotes ethical, environmentally sound, non-discriminatory approaches that benefit its area and all those who work and live in it with a view to their wealth, health and safety.
  • Contracts entered into by the Council must comply with the Council’s own Standing Orders, and if the contract exceeds a certain value, then the procurement process needs to comply with the European Procurement Directives.

European Union Directive

A European Commission Treaty, the basic principles of which are to prevent discrimination against companies from any Member State and to remove restrictions on the free movement of goods and services, cover public authority procurement. This Treaty is backed by the EU Directive, which have been adopted by UK legislation, and apply to all contracts above the EU threshold. This Consolidated Directive sets out clear procedures and standards to be followed by the Council when choosing bidders and awarding contracts, based on openness, non-discrimination and competition.

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