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Our Commitment to Equality

Equality Statement

Corby Borough Council recognises that equality and diversity is central to how our Council operates.  We are committed to advancing the equality of opportunity, eliminate discrimination and promote good relations in both our community and our workforce.   We commit to providing a working environment where employees feel they are treated with dignity and fairness and where skills and experience are valued.  We will raise awareness in the community and consult with our local partners to promote an inclusive society where our residents feel safe and supported by their Council.

As a public authority we publish equalities information to demonstrate that we comply with the Equality Act (2010).  On this site, you can view our workforce data and the population data.

Our Equality Objective
  1. Within the first six months of employment, 95% of employees will receive Equality and Diversity awareness training to ensure they give due consideration to equality within their everyday roles.
  2. All Elected Members will have access to Equality and Diversity awareness training on an annual basis to ensure that they are duly informed of their responsibility under the Equality Act 2010.
  3. To have an active group of Equality Wizards that can support and identify needs and initiatives relating to Equality within our workforce and wider customer base.
  4. To ensure equality considerations are evidenced for all committee reports.



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