Budget Consultation

Consultation on the Council’s Budget Proposals for 2018/19 & Service Priorities Moving Forward


We continue to make good progress towards achieving our long-term vision to double the population of Corby by 2030, create new jobs, increase local prosperity, and raise the standard of public services to the very best. 

As part of the 2018/19 budget process we believe that as services are provided for you, then you should have your say in where resources are directed. We would therefore welcome your views on the questions that are set out below. Your responses can then inform the decision that will be made in February.

Council Tax and Rent Increases 

This year we are proposing a Council Tax Increase of £5 (equivalent of 2.7%). This follows several years of Central Government Grant cuts and expenditure pressures that we can longer absorb without this increase.

Most of the Council Tax that you pay goes to Northamptonshire County Council and Northamptonshire Police Authority, and therefore the overall increase depends on their decisions. At £184.50, the Band D Corby Borough Council element of the average Council Tax bill is amongst the lowest in the country, which in turn demonstrates excellent Value for Money. £5 is the maximum increases that we are allowed to make without a referendum. 

Do you support a Council Tax Increase of £5 for Corby’s share of the Council Tax? - respond using on line consultation form

For those of you who live in Council houses or flats, we have no choice but to follow Central Government policy and reduce rents by 1%. This is in line with the Government’s 4 year long austerity plan and their objective of reducing the welfare bill. Whilst this represents good news in terms of weekly rents paid by tenants, it will have a detrimental effect on the Council’s ability to invest in the stock in the future. The provision of Council housing is a separate ring fenced function and is funded entirely from rents, rather than the Council Tax.

The current average rent for Corby tenants is around £80 per week. This is the lowest in the County and approximately £6 a week less than the County average. A 1% rents reduction amounts to approximately 80 pence a week. 

Growth Proposals

Although the downturn in the economy has affected the public sector, we have continued to manage our finances responsibly in order to invest significant sums in local regeneration schemes and service improvements. However, reductions in government funding from Central Government has forced us to act prudently and make substantial reductions in our budget in previous years. There is therefore limited scope of up to £100k per annum for any additional investment in our services moving forward.

As a result, the changes proposed are limited and mainly restricted to supporting our growth agenda and providing existing services to the highest possible standard. Prioritised changes that total £100k and non prioritised changes that total £164k are as follows:

Growth Bid Ongoing  Amount       £ One - Off Amount     £ Total      £
Priority Bids      
Additional Officer Support for Environmental Protection (2 days) 17,333   17,333
Planning Member Training 2,000   2,000
Street Lighting Utility & Maintenance Costs for Little Stanion 9,000   9,000
Additional Human Resources Support (half day) 4,000   4,000
Pool Plant Operator (half post) 12,420   12,420
Property Services Chartered Surveyor (additional post)   40,000 40,000
Tourism contribution         5,000 5,000
Subscription to Arc Growth Board for Administration Costs 5,000   5,000
Culture & Leisure Management Restructure 5,000   5,000
Sub Total 54,753 45,000 99,753
Other Bids to Consider      
Tree Consultancy Support for Trees & Landscaping Officer (2 days)   25,600 25,600
HR Apprentice   15,216 15,216
Billing Officer (half post) 13,500   13,500
Pool Management Support (additional 2 days) 13,270   13,270
Culture & Leisure Tree Maintenance Increase in Budget 10,000   10,000
Boating Lake Pest Control 2,000   2,000
Play Areas Maintenance Increase in Budget 10,000   10,000
Open Spaces Increase in Budget 20,000   20,000
Northamptonshire Destination Management Organisation 10,000   10,000
Refuse Collection Increase in Budget 7,220   7,220
Northamptonshire Domestic Abuse Service Contribution  37,000   37,000
Other External Funding Requests             -                 -   
Sub Total 122,990 40,816 163,806
Total 177,743 85,816 263,559

Do you support the prioritised budget proposals for growth? - respond using on line consultation form

Future Service Priorities

Whist we have already made significant savings over the past few years, the national programme of austerity is likely to continue for several years as it is clear that Local Government will continue to be adversely affected by Central Government spending cuts. As the challenge becomes even greater in future years we may have to look at cutting services altogether rather than simply making changes to existing budgets. If moving forward we are to look at prioritising what we do, rather than continuing to do what we do with less funding, then we would like to understand what you consider to be the relative priorities of the council and where future funding should be directed.

What services do you think should be a priority for the Council - respond using on line consultation form

What services should not be a priority for the Council - respond using on line consultation form

I hope that you will support our budget proposals and our continued investments in those services that you have told us are important to you. It’s your money, so please let us know your views, which we will consider prior to making a final decision at the Full Council meeting on 23rd February 2017.

Councillor Tom Beattie 
Leader of Corby Borough Council

How to Respond

The full report that was approved by the Council’s One Corby policy Committee is available on the Council’s website using this link

We want your views in order to help Councillors to make their decisions in February. Please respond using this online form or in writing by Friday 5th January 2018, giving your name and address and (if applicable) the organisation that you represent,

Adrian Sibley
Director of Corporate Services
Corby Borough Council 
NN17 1GD 

e-mail budget.consultation@corby.gov.uk
Or use our on-line response form

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