CBC update to Full Council 19.4.18 - Proposals for a single tier of Local Government in Northamptonshire

At a recent Full Council meeting held on Thursday 19th April, a report was presented regarding the proposals for a single tier of Local Government in Northamptonshire.

The current position is that the Secretary of State (SOS) has invited proposals for a single tier of local government across the county. Guidance on what this should look like include that there be for any unitary authority a minimum population of substantially more than 300,000 and a requirement that any proposal takes into account a recommendation for two unitaries (West and North model). North Northamptonshire would include Corby, Kettering, Wellingborough and East Northants.

It is clear from the discussions held last night that members are extremely disappointed and angry that we find ourselves in this position due to the poor financial management and governance of Northamptonshire County Council. Our council is a well run authority and does not deserve or want to be in this position. However, it is now our priority to ensure we are part of the conversations taking place to shape the future of Northamptonshire and make Corby’s voice heard, therefore it has been agreed that:

  • The council continues to work with the other county Districts and Boroughs on a unitary proposal submission to the Secretary of State, and;    
  • There be a further report when that proposal is in a full draft form to agree or not agree its submission to the Secretary of State by the deadline of Friday 27th July 2018 

We have reiterated our commitment to holding a public consultation that will include all stakeholders (businesses, community groups, MPs) before a joint proposal is submitted to the SOS and this will be our next step.

The full report is attached to this page.

Last updated: Friday 15th June 2018 11:54:18 AM
Review date: Monday 10th June 2019 11:53:59 AM