Work Experience

To improve competitiveness, it is vital for education and business to work together to ensure that young people are better prepared for the world of work, with the necessary skills and motivation.

This can be done by working closely with our local schools and offering work experience placements for young people.

Work experience offers many benefits and opportunities.  For you as a student it can enhance your knowledge and understanding and better prepare you for the world of work.  It can give you an insight to working for Local Government which in turn can influence your career choices. 

For us, the employer, it can provide the opportunity to help you develop an insight into the skills and attitudes required by us and to raise your awareness of career opportunities within Corby Borough Council.

Work experience is offered only to students in their last two years of compulsory schooling; or students taking post-16 courses.  Placements occur on our premises and normally last for approximately two weeks.  Work placements are normally arranged via your school.  If you require further information please speak with your Careers Adviser at your school.

We look forward to working with you.


Last updated: Tuesday 8th January 2019 04:28:53 PM
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