General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

On 25th May 2018 new rules came into place which means that there will be no charge for Subject Access Requests and the response time will be within 30 days.



How to Make a Request for Personal Information under GDPR

If you would like to make a request for access to your personal information, please submit your request in one of the following ways:-

You can write to:  

Freedom of Information Officer

Corby Borough Council

The Corby Cube

George Street



NN17 1QG



Or: complete an on-line request form

When requesting information from the Council, please be very specific.  The more detail you put in your request, the easier it is to find precise information quickly.  For example:-

  • Rent account details (if so, please provide address and rent account reference number)

  • Council Tax account details (if so, please provide council tax account number)

  • Benefit Awards (if so, please provide your claim number, which starts with a 7)

  • Details of repairs carried out at (if so, please provide address)

Please note that some exemptions do apply to the right to access personal data and may result in non release or edited release of information. If this is the case with your request, the Council is obliged to explain the reasons behind this.

Your rights

The GDPR gives you the right to:

  • Be informed that your personal information is being processed by the Council
  • Access your personal information
  • Correct, rectify, block or erase personal information that you regard as wrong

You will receive a copy of your requested information within 30 calendar days.

Proof of identity and authority

Protecting your personal information is extremely important to Corby Borough Council, so before your request for personal information can be processed, the Council must verify your identity.  Suitable proof includes driving licence, birth certificate, passport or similar document.  If you are asking for information about someone else, you must provide written evidence that you have the authority to act on behalf of that person.  All documents will be returned to you as quickly as possible.       



There is no fee payable.


The Information Commissioner

The Information Commissioner oversees and enforces the GDPR. The Information Commissioner's website provides more information on your rights under the Act.


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