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Live Flood Warnings and Advice 

Who to contact about flooding

Depending where the flood is, you can report it to the following services:

  • Local roads: Report flooding relating to a local road (such as blocked ditches, blocked drains or flooding) on our Street Doctor service
  • Highways: You should report flooding on motorways and dual carriageways to Highways England (M1, M45, A5, A14, A45 (M1 to A14) or A43 (M1, south of Northampton to Oxfordshire border)
  • Rivers: Report flooding from a main river contact the Environment Agency
  • Water mains and sewers: Report flooding to Anglian Water.

You can also report flooding to our team to help us understand and keep a log of what flooding the area experiences (groundwater, surface water and flooding from small watercourses).

Once you have submitted the form we will check to see whether it meets our threshold for a formal investigation, however if it does not, we will still provide advice and guidance within 20 working days.


Flooding Advice For The Public from Public Health England and The Environment Agency

Flooding: Advice for the public

Current flood warnings

Visit the Met Office website to see current flood warnings.

Get prepared: Flood Toolkit

Flooding can happen at any time and sometimes with little warning. Therefore preparation is key to making sure you, your family and your friends are safe, as well as reducing the damage to your home and treasured belongings.

The Northamptonshire Flood Toolkit website can help you get prepared for flooding.

Community flood preparation: Pathfinder II

Pathfinder II aims to facilitate community-led improvements in resilience and preparedness amongst communities who are at risk of surface water flooding in Northamptonshire, complementing other flood risk management activities.

Pumping out

For pumping equipment, please call the Fire Brigade on 01604 797000. There may be a charge for this service.

Flooded business premises

If flood water has entered your business premises then call your Local Authority's Environmental Health team.

You must call us if there is believed to be:

  • a risk to public health or
  • a food premises serving food has been flooded or
  • a property/premises where Environmental Health is the enforcing authority has been flooded.
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