Spirit of Corby Awards 2018

The Spirit of Corby Awards are back for another year to recognise those people who go above and beyond for the town.

The Spirit of Corby Awards are the Borough’s annual celebration of everything that is good about Corby, its community and the amazing spirit of the people that make it so special. Each year the Awards are a great success and highlight the great contribution our residents make to our town, the special talents they have, but above all else the Awards are our way to thank those unsung heroes in our community that go above and beyond.


Over the many years we have been holding the Spirit of Corby Awards we have seen so many nominations come in that show just how amazing our community is and how much people do to contribute to life in the Borough. We know that this year will be no exception.


This year's Awards are sponsored by Northamptonshire Police, Quantum Print, Savoy Cinemas, Spirt Hyundai, Tata Steel and The Core at Corby Cube. A big thank you to each of our sponsors, without which we wouldn't have any Spirit of Corby Awards.


The voting process for the Spirit of Corby Awards is now closed. The winners will be announced at the awards on Friday 21 September 2018.


Last updated: Thursday 13th September 2018 12:11:45 PM
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