Mayor Charities

At the commencement of their year in office, the Mayor will designate a charity or charities and will raise funds for these during their term. Usually, the Mayor will designate only a couple of charities and these normally are based or are active within the Borough. Occasionally, a nationally recognised charity may be chosen in addition to the locally based ones.

The Mayor, often through the assistance of fellow Councillors, friends and family, will organise fundraising events during their term of office. The Council itself cannot get directly involved in the fundraising events, it is a matter for the Mayor to organise as appropriate.

The Mayor's nominated charities for 2017 -2018 are:-

  • STAGES - STAGES has supported many local people suffering with Mental Health Illnesses including Bi-Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction and Panic Attacks.

  • Tribes Youth Club -  is a group made up of around 20 enthusiastic and positive learning disabled individuals and volunteers.


You can make a donation to the Mayor's charities using this link to the Council online payments


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