Civic Regalia

The Mace

Mayor's MaceMayor's mace head

The Mace is carried before the Mayor on ceremonial occasions and at full meetings of the Council.

The Mace was a weapon of war and the present day Mace is merely a highly ornamental descendant of the prehistoric club.  The ceremonial Mace is in fact carried upside down - the hitting head has become the base and the handle knob has become the head.

When the Mayor is seated, the Mace rests horizontally before him/her with the crown to his/her right hand.  The Mace is always reversed in the presence of Royalty - this is because the Mace is a symbol of the Mayor's authority and as such, becomes redundant in the presence of Royalty.

The Design

Corby Borough Council  Mace 1993 Sterling Silver, Parcel Gilt, part oxidised and oak.  Designed by Trevor Brown for Garrard & Co. with mark commemorating Garrard & Cos 150th Anniversary as Crown Jewellers.

The design of the Mace alludes to the town's historical steel working history.  The overall form is of crucible shape embracing the Borough armorial carved in silver gilt.  Within the crucible is an oxidised silver iron ore 'crystal' as though ready for smelting.  Underneath is a collar of oxidised silver 'coal' and 'charcoal' with silver gilt 'flames'.  Rising from the flames are phoenix symbolic of the Borough's rejuvenation through new industry.  The shaft is of oak, a reference to Rockingham Forest.

The Sword

Mayor's SwordMaror's Sword head

The right to  bear a sword is granted in some of the ancient Charters of Incorporation and is a right that is jealously guarded.  Corby was presented with this ceremonial sword by business people on becoming a Borough Council but the sword cannot be carried in procession.

The ceremonial sword was presented to the Council by Weetabix Limited on 1 March 1993.

Ceremonial Robes

The Mayors of the great majority of Boroughs wear a robe of office on ceremonial occasions.  The majority wearing either a black robe with gold embellishments (customary for Lord Mayors) or a scarlet robe trimmed with fur.  Both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Corby Borough wear scarlet robes on ceremonial occasions.

The chain and badge are universally worn with the robes.

The hat most generally worn with robes at outdoor ceremonies is a black cocked hat (bicorne) with gold embellishment on the right (if the Mayor is male) or a black tricorne hat (if the Mayor is female).  A lace stock or jabot is also usually worn at the neck.

Ceremonial Chains of Office

Chains and Badges

The present Mayor's chain and badge is the original Chairman's badge dating from 1958.  They were donated by local commercial, industrial and other bodies and presented to the Council by the Earl Spencer on 23 April 1958.

The rest of the badges/chains were presented to the Council by local industry on the town becoming a Borough in March 1992.

 Mayor's Chain


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