Civic History

Corby Urban District Council was formed just before the Second World War up until then Corby had only a Parish Council and came under the old Kettering Rural District Council.

The first meeting was held on 5 April 1939 at the Rowlett School in the old village. There were 15 members. The first Chairman was Mr Wilfred Roe and his Vice-Chairman was Mr John Boon.

Meetings were held on the fourth Monday of each month at the Rowlett School. Several possible office sites were considered such as offices over the shops in The Jamb. The rental prices ranges from 15 Shillings to £30 per annum!

The County of Northampton (Corby Urban District) Order 1938 was delayed because of petitions received by the Minister and actually became the County of Northampton (Corby Urban District) Confirmation Order 1939.

On 1 April 1974 Corby District Council was formed, taking in the seven Parishes of Gretton, Weldon, Stanion, Cottingham, Middleton, East Carlton and Rockingham. Thirty three Councillors were elected and the first Chairman was Councillor John Wallace.


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