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Working for Electoral Services

Electoral Services often have short term, temporary vacancies. If you are interested in working as a Canvasser or on an election, please read the following:


Every year the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) employs a number of Canvassers to visit households in the Corby borough to check and update electoral registration details of residents.

Canvassers assist with filling out the forms and returning them to the Election Office. This information is used to compile the new revised register of electors published on the 1st of December every year.

Full training will be provided and payment given.

How to apply

For more information including Job Description(s) and how to apply, please see the "downloads" section opposite.


The Returning Officer appoints staff to help run elections and referendums held within the Corby Borough. Appropriate training is provided for all positions.

Electoral job opportunities include:

  • Polling staff
    Polling station staff are responsible for the secrecy, security and conduct of the ballot in every polling station. Responsibilities include assisting electors and making sure that the proper procedure for voting is followed. On the day of election, polling station staff are required to work from 6.15am until after 10pm without leaving the polling station.

  • Counting staff
    Counting staff verify the number of Ballot Papers received and count the number of votes cast for a political party/candidate. Ballot boxes are usually verified and counted on the Thursday evening after close of poll at 10pm until finish.

  • Postal Voting staff
    Postal Voting staff open and count postal votes received in the 10 working days prior to election day in accordance with the election timetable.

  • Poll Card Deliverers

Poll Card deliverers are responsible for hand delivering poll cards containing important election information to registered electors in the Corby Borough. This work can be quite intensive and needs to be done promptly, usually during one weekend.

Important Information and entitlement to work in the U.K

  • We can only accept applications from persons who are not connected to, nor will assist any political party or candidate at an election.

  • Persons appointed to work at a polling station or at the count must accept that they are consenting to work in excess of the normal maximum working hours.

  • For secrecy reasons, staff cannot leave their positions before completion of that role so you should ensure that you allow for timings to overrun if there is a high turnout or larger than expected volumes of votes to count.

You will also need to show you are entitled to work in the UK, by providing one of the following:

A valid passport

• A full birth certificate issued in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Ireland, plus an official document giving your permanent   National Insurance number

• A residence permit, registration certificate or document showing you are entitled to live in the UK permanently.

Applicants must grant permission to make Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Checks where deemed appropriate

How to apply

For more information including Job Descriptions and how to apply, please see the "downloads" section opposite.


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