Councillors - surgeries

This rota shows dates and members of the council who will be on duty for the Surgeries, for the purpose of public interviews. The meetings are held Saturday from 10.00 am - 11.30 am in the One Stop Shop Area, Cube. In addition to the dates shown below Councillors also have ward surgeries.




8 July 2017

P Beattie

M Pengelly

15 July 2017

W Colquhoun

R McKellar

22 July 2017

29 July 2017

B Eyles

T Beattie

B Rutt

J Riley

5 August 2017

B Watts

L Goult

12 August 2017

K Watt

M Reay

19 August 2017

J Caine

E Elliston

Bank Holiday



2 September 2017

I McNab

W Latta

9 September 2017

D Sims

R Beeby
16 September 2017 L Ferguson C Cassidy

23 September 2017

A Dady

P Petch
30 September 2017 M Butcher M Rahman
7 October 2017 A Brown J Addison
14 October 2017 P McEwan J McGhee
  Please note this list can be subject to change.  

Note:The Mayor is not required to attend a surgery because of other commitments.

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