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Welcome to the consultation section of the website where you will find information on any consultation which the Council is consulting.


Corby Borough Council (CBC) is committed, through its ‘One Corby’ approach to deliver improved services to the people of the Borough.  Corby takes a leading role in delivering improvements in the physical and community regeneration of the town.

Our ambition is to double the population of Corby by 2030, with a complementary increase of jobs, prosperity and the quality of local public services.

It is therefore essential that our consultation is well planned, well co-ordinated, robust and appropriate to our customers needs.  We need information from our customers to drive forward and improve the quality of services we provide.

This strategy outlines who we consult, the methods of consultation we use, and how this consultation is important to the council and its partners in delivering future improvements in the services we deliver.

Consultation informs everything the council does, it drives our Corporate Plan and with our partners the Community Plan.

Understanding and delivering our customers needs is key to a, Building a Bigger, Better, Brighter Corby”.


Last updated: Monday 1st February 2021 10:07:59 AM
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