Council Tax - Second Adult Rebate

If you are State Pension Credit Age and the liable person for Council tax, you can  claim Second Adult Rebate.

State Pension Credit Age is currently anyone born before 05/09/1952 but is updated regularly. Please use the attached link to establish when you will become eligible. State pension Credit Age Link

Second Adult Rebate is Help if you share your home with one adult or more who cannot pay towards the council tax.

Generally, you do not qualify for this benefit if you have a partner. The liable person for Council Tax claims the Second Adult Rebate but it is based on the income of other adults aged 18 or over who live with you. Up to 25% rebate is available.

N.B. The person who shares your home must not be your partner.

We use partner to mean a person you are married to or a person you live with as if you are married to them.

Some people who are part of your household and over the age of 18 are disregarded for Council Tax purposes and therefore we cannot award second adult rebate. If someone in your household is:
• a full time student
• severely Mentally impaired
• currently in prison
Can I get Second Adult Rebate?
Is the person who shares your home:

• Aged 18 or over?
• Not paying you rent?
• Not paying Council Tax themselves?
• On a low income?

If YES to all, claim Second Adult Rebate.
What else should I know?
You may be able to get Second Adult Rebate even if you do not normally get Council Tax Benefit.

If you already get Council Tax Benefit you will not need to claim Second Adult Rebate.

Second Adult Rebate will be based on the other person's circumstances. Based on the income of the second adult you could be entitled to a 25%, 15% or 7.5% reduction from your annual Council Tax bill. The limit is gross income of £241.00 per week.

Your income and savings will not affect Second Adult Rebate.

If you are entitled to Council Tax Benefit and Second Adult Rebate, you will get the one which gives you most money. 
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Last updated: Monday 18th January 2016 09:45:38 AM