Schedule of Court Costs

In October 2013, following on from the DCLG document entitled “Guidance to local councils on good practice in the collection of Council Tax arrears” Corby Borough Council, sought to ensure that the Court costs charged in each case were no more than reasonable incurred by the authority in connection with the making of the application. These have been available upon request, the schedule of Costs are now also available on the Council website. 

The breakdown of costs were calculated in October 2013 and are based on the Recovery budget for 2013/14, these have been updated for the budget for 2017/18, the Court costs of £75.00 have been in place since 1St April 2014.  As the same process applies to both Council Tax and National Non Domestic rates, the costs are applied at the same rate for both types of cases.

The calculation has been composed of the aggregated total costs attributed to the recovery notices in the previous year and the predicted request for liability orders based on previous years actual and the % of costs collected, the other % will be withdrawn, written off or not collected. This provides an average figure which is levied across the board.

The costs include the items as listed in the Recovery Budget 2017/18 such as:

  • Postage
  • Stationary
  • Computer licences
  • Telephones
  • Salary
  • Magistrate Court Fees of £3.00 in each case

The following processes take place in relation with the making of the application:

  • Issuing of final notices and Summons
  • Decision to enforce on each account
  • Each account checked for correct allocation of funds
  • Each account checked for correct exemptions/discounts applied
  • Each account checked for correct council tax support applied if applicable
  • Each account checked for date of debt
  • Telephone calls/Face to face interviews on receipt of notices
  • Email/letter correspondence
  • Issuing of Complaint list
  • Issuing of Court List
  • ICT check list and sign for accuracy
  • Officer time in Court and Foyer, minimum of 2 officers.

As an incentive for debtors to pay, the £75.00 costs and case are withdrawn if the original amount summonsed is paid in full prior to the hearing.  

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