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Food alerts

The Food Standards Agency's (FSA) website has comprehensive information on current food concerns. This includes labelling, allergen risks and potential contamination.

Most food concerns are dealt with by the manufacturer or importer. The FSA informs local authorities about these concerns using an 'Information Notice'. Sometimes food that is already on the shelves has to be recalled. This is usually managed by the retailer working with the manufacturer.

If there is a wider or serious health issue, local authorities will be issued with a 'Food Alert for Action'. This requires either Trading Standards or Environmental Health to make direct contact with food premises to help withdraw or destroy products.

Information on current food alerts and the latest news on food issues is available on the FSA website - the Food Standards Agency

If you or a member of your family has a food allergy, you can subscribe to the Allergy Alert element of the Food Standards website using the above link. The information will be sent to you by SMS text direct to your phone.

Last updated: Wednesday 1st September 2021 07:58:43 AM
Review date: Wednesday 15th December 2021 07:58:19 AM