Business Rates - annual notification

Corby Borough Council will notify occupiers of commercial properties of their annual Business Rate bill before 1 April of each year.

Previously you had the legal right to pay over 10 monthly instalments at the beginning of each financial year. This will be from April to January. The instalment date is the 1st of the month.

From April 2014, you can continue to pay over 10 months or request payments over 12 monthly instalments on all payment methods.

Please email to request a change in instalments.

When you start a new business or move into new premises, you should tell Corby Borough Council so we can charge you the correct amount.

Link to Payments

The bill shows:

  •  how much you have to pay and how the amount was calculated
  •  when you need to pay each instalment and how much to pay each time

If you think that your bill is wrong or that you are entitled to a reduction, you should contact Corby Borough Council and explain why. But you should still continue to make payments even if you are disputing how much you should pay.

Link to Business Rates Reliefs.

If you have cashflow problems and are unable to pay, you should use the contact Corby Borough Council  link and notify us immediately. We may be able to change the amounts and dates of your payments.

If you miss a payment without agreeing it with the Council, we will send you a reminder giving you seven days to pay. If you miss this deadline or another payment, you will have to pay the whole outstanding balance for the year.  If you still do not pay, the Council may take action in court to recover the debt.


Last updated: Monday 8th August 2016 04:58:09 PM
Review date: Tuesday 14th August 2018 04:57:16 PM