Update 19/01/2017 - Universal Credit Full Service starts 01/02/2017


If you are of Working Age and wish to make a new claim for help with your rent, you can no longer claim Housing Benefit and need to make a claim for Universal Credit.

Corby Borough Council will no longer be able to accept your claim for Housing Benefit.

This will not apply to you if you are already in receipt of Housing Benefit, of Pension Credit Age or you are in Supported Housing.

Check your Pension Credit age

Link to Claim Universal Credit

If you require assistance with your Council Tax Support, you will need to claim with Corby Borough Council, irrespective of your age.

The Council operates the Housing Benefit scheme on behalf of the Government and these changes have come as a result of Welfare Reform and is defined by legislation. The Council does not have any discretion with regard to the rules governing entitlement or the amount of any subsequent entitlement.

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