Benefits - Fraud

We take benefit fraud very seriously


When your circumstances change, for example if you move house or start work, you should tell us straightaway, and you can report anyone you suspect is claiming other benefits they may not be entitled to.

DWP Benefit Fraud Hotline 0800 854 440

Website - DWP Benefit Fraud Hotline

It is estimated that millions of pounds is stolen by benefit cheats every year. This affects everyone. If you think someone is getting Housing Benefit , Council Tax Support or any other welfare benfits to which they are not entitled to please tell the DWP.
Please give as many details as you can.
We need to know
  • The person's name and address
  • Where and when they are working
  • Details of who they are living with
  • Details of why you think they should not be claiming benefit
  • Details of the fraud you believe is being carried out
  • Any other details which could help us.

The service is strictly confidential and you do not have to give your name.

Types of Fraud
  • Working and Claiming - Working and claiming fraud usually involves claimants who are in receipt of benefit and who have not declared that they are engaged in paid employment.
  • Non-disclosure of property / capital - This fraud is where a claimant fails to declare either savings / capital or the ownership of another property / land elsewhere.
  • Non-disclosure of income - This is where the claimant fails to declare all of their income.
  • Non-disclosure of partner (living together as husband and wife or civil partners) - This fraud usually involves a claim for benefit where the claimant has failed to declare the presence of a partner.
  • Non-declaration of non-dependants and / or sub-tenants - It is fraudulent if a claimant fails to declare the presence of other adults living in the property.
  • False claims by homeowners - This is where the owner of a property falsely states that he or she is paying rent to occupy what is, in fact, his or her own property, usually inventing a fictitious landlord to do so.
  • Failing to declare change of address - Where a claimant fails to declare that he / she has moved.
  • False address fraud - This fraud may occur where a person is claiming for an address at which he or she is not in fact living. This type of offence may occur with the collusion of the landlord or other tenants.
  • Landlord fraud - This is where a landlord continues to receive benefit paid directly to him/her for a period after which the claimant has vacated the premises. There are many ways other ways in which landlords and managing agents can defraud the benefit system.


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