What Documents Do I Need?

You will need to provide the following documents in support of your claim.

Identity of you and your partner: can be either passport, birth certificates, utility bills, identity cards.

Income received by you, your partner or children: can be current benefit award letters, current order books, payslips (5 weekly, 2 monthly or 3 fortnightly), business accounts, pension advice slips, maintenance receipts or Child Support Agency letters, student grant/loan advice, current bank statements to show credits received.

Please note that if you are unable to supply wage slips please ask for an employers certificate of earnings, which you will need your employer to complete.

Capital held by you, your partner or children: details of any bank accounts, building society accounts, post office accounts, bonds, shares, certificates of investment, details of property/land owned.

Income from other adults in the property (non-dependants): details of income to include payslips, current benefit award letters, details of capital held.

Rent: documentary evidence to confirm the amount of rent that you have to pay, the frequency of the payments, who the landlord is and where he/she lives, details of any agent who acts on his/her behalf. An example would be a tenancy agreement.

If you pay for Child Care Costs to a Registered child care provider (child minder, nursery, play schemes, out of school hours schemes). Please provide proof of your child care costs - a letter from your child care provider detailing the child care provided, the dates and amounts, and the child for whom the care is provided.

Alternatively please get your child care provider to complete the form. ( in attachements)

Please see downloads for examples and forms

Original documents only must be provided, as photocopies cannot be accepted.  You are advised not to send original documents in the post.  However, you can bring them into the One Stop Shop, The Corby Cube, George Street where they will be copied and verified that originals have been seen.

Last updated: Monday 29th January 2018 03:13:34 PM
Review date: Thursday 24th January 2019 03:11:24 PM