Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Forms

Links to a selection of Forms related to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support, to view a form select the form name and the form will display in a new window

Application for Housing Benefit on Two Homes

To apply for benefit on two homes (usual used when moving or fleeing violence)

Appointee Application form

Application for appointment to act on behalf of someone else.

Backdate Benefit Request Form

To request benefit from an earlier date than when you claimed.

Change of Address Form

For Council Tenants/Council Tax only

Change of Address Form

For Private Tenants

Change of Circumstances/In Work Claim Form

To report a change of circumstances and also for when you start work to claim whilst working.

Change of Circumstances Leaflet

You can print, report changes of circumstances and return to the office.

Child Care Cost Form

If you have child care costs, complete this form to support your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Claim.

Council Tax Support only Application Form

Application form to claim Council Tax Support only.

Discretionary Housing Payments Form

This form is to apply for extra help towards your rent where there is a shortfall between what you are charged and your Housing Benefit/Universal Credit Housing Costs award.

Earnings Certificate

If payslips are unavailable, this form can be completed by your employer. 

Extended payment Claim Form

If you are starting work, & received income support,  Job Seekers , Employent Support Allowance or incapacity for more than 26 weeks & your job is expected to last for more than 5 weeks, you may be entitled to 4 weeks Housing Benefit & Council Tax Support.

Habitual Residence Test Questionnaire 

If you are an European Economic Area national (EEA) who has come to the UK and you want to claim certain means-tested benefits, you may have to satisfy the conditions of a test, known as the habitual residence test and right to reside. This is the form to complete

Housing / Council Tax Support Application Form

Application form to claim Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support

Housing Benefit Appeal Form

To appeal against a Housing benefit or Council Tax Support decision.

In Work Claim after extended payment form

You may be entitled to Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Support on your new earnings, to claim please complete an in work claim after extended payment form

Landlord Direct Payments Application Form for Local Housing Allowance

To apply for direct payments of Local Housing Allowance to your landlord

Landlord Direct Form

To pay Housing benefit to landlord (exceptions for some Local Housing Allowance customers)

Landlord Tenancy Form

For Landlords to complete when there is no tenancy agreement

Overpayment Recovery Form

To reduce the overpayment recovery level.

Pre-Tenancy Determinations Form

To get a rent valuation from the rent officer before starting a private tenancy with meals provided.

Review Form

Regular reviews are carried out. A form will be sent to you. If you have lost or otherwise misplaced the review form you have been sent, please see the link above for a copy of the form available for printing. You may also wish to notify changes using the on-line portal. Please see link  On Line Benefits

Self Employed Form

If you are self-employed and wish to claim Housing Benefit or/and Council Tax Support, please download to print and complete the form on the link below

Third Party Authority Form

Third Party Authority Form (Large Print)

Under The General Data Protection Regulation We Must Have Written Authority To Discuss Your Benefit Claim And/Or Council Tax Account With Someone Else. To Enable Us To Speak To Someone Else About Your Claim/Account Please Complete This Form

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