Flag lowered in Corby following Grenfell Tower fire

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Friday, June 16, 2017 - 10:15


Following the devastating fire that broke out at Grenfell Tower in London on Wednesday 14th June, Corby Borough Council has lowered the flag to half mast outside of the Corby Cube, George Street.


The flag has been lowered in respect of those that have lost their lives and have been affected by this tragic event.


Leader of Corby Borough Council, Cllr Tom Beattie, said:


‘News and images from the fire at Grenfell Tower has been truly harrowing and has deeply hit us all. Our hearts and thoughts are with everyone affected.


‘Through the midst of all of this devastation, communities up and down the country have come together and have inundated charities with donations and offers of help.


‘This overwhelming outpouring of support just goes to show that pulling together in times of struggle and anguish is what we do in this great country and it’s heart warming to witness. 


‘We also take comfort in the amazing response of the real heroes, the men and women who have been tackling this fire for hours on end and risking their own lives to save others. Our thanks and support goes out to these amazing people.’ 


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