First meeting of North Northants Joint Committee has taken place

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 16:00

First meeting of North Northants Joint Committee has taken place

Members from Corby, East Northants, Kettering, Northamptonshire County and Wellingborough have met for the first time as a Joint Committee to consider all of the work needed to create the new North Northants Council.

At its inaugural meeting (24 June 2019), the Joint Committee elected Cllr Martin Griffiths, Leader of Borough of Wellingborough Council as Chair with Cllr Tom Beattie of Corby Borough Council as vice-chair.

The committee then agreed terms of reference, standing orders including how the public can have their say at future meetings and establishing four working groups for the unitary programme – Governance, Statutory Officer Appointments, Independent Remuneration Panel and Terms of Reference. The committee decided that representatives on each working group could be drawn from the wider membership of the north councils with five members being appointed to each group.

Cllr Martin Griffiths, said: “This committee will pave the way for the shadow authority to deliver the new unitary council for the north. By bringing the five councils together to represent residents from across the north, we can work collaboratively to create an authority of which we can all be proud. We have an enormous amount of work ahead of us but I’m confident that this united approach will enable us to build a council which delivers the services our residents need and to re-build the reputation of our great county.”

The next meeting takes place at Borough Council of Wellingborough at 6.30pm on Monday, 16 September 2019.

Editor’s notes

Minutes of the committee meeting will be available at

Chairs of the Working Groups

Cllr Jonathan Eakins from Northamptonshire County Council – Governance Working Group

Cllr Ian Jelley from Kettering Borough council – Statutory Officer Appointments Working Group

Cllr Jean Addison from Corby Borough Council – Independent Remuneration Panel Working Group

Cllr David Jenney from East Northamptonshire Council – Terms of Reference Working Group

North Northants Joint Committee members

Corby Borough Council joint committee members

Cllr Tom Beattie - LAB

Cllr Jean Addison - LAB

Cllr Kevin Watt – CON

East Northamptonshire Council joint committee members

Cllr Steven North – CON

Cllr David Jenney - CON

Cllr John Farrar - LAB

Kettering Borough Council joint committee members

Cllr Russell Roberts – CON

Cllr Ian Jelley - CON

Cllr Mick Scrimshaw – LAB

Borough Council of Wellingborough joint committee members

Cllr Griffiths - CON

Cllr Partridge-Underwood - CON

Cllr Scarborough – LAB

Northamptonshire County Council joint committee members

Cllr Victoria Perry – CON

Cllr Jonathan Ekins – CON

Cllr Jason Smithers - CON

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