Coronation Park gets a makeover

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Friday, March 8, 2019 - 16:00


A much welcomed makeover of one of Corby’s most central and much loved green areas, Coronation Park, has begun.


After studying the park’s heritage and pictures from past years, the new Corby and Kettering Shared Service Ground Maintenance Team are undertaking work to bring the Park back to its former glory as a beautiful and well used town centre garden.


The main aims for coronation park is to create a town centre park where people feel safe to walk through, stop and enjoy a high quality space and add to the offer of an already successful shopping town by giving visitors and the people of Corby a green formal space with colour and interest for relaxation and recreation. The parks fascinating history shows it was a colourful formal area with gardens and flower beds and this is how is will be treated again over the coming years. There are some incredibly interesting and beautiful trees and features within the park which will be retained and improved on with new planting which will add to the positive experience people should have in the park.


Over the past two weeks work has commenced and includes clearing out all old, poor quality woody shrubs and self set trees and diseased, dead or dying trees to allow better quality park trees to thrive.


The Shared Service Team will be introducing a new tree management system that’s priority will be to focus on the remaining high quality trees and re-build the parks tree stock around those trees. The benefits of biodiversity will also be enhanced come planting time by increasing the variety of interesting species of both new trees and flowering planting within the beds.


The follow up enhanced maintenance will be under constant review and will include the community and the Friends of Coronation Park in further planting projects’.   


Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Environment, Cllr Mark Pengelly, said:


‘We are very pleased to see work taking place at Coronation Park. It has been a much loved green space in Corby for many years and it is exciting to see work taking place to bring it back to its former glory for residents and visitors to enjoy.


‘Working with the Friends of Coronation Park the key priorities are to now really open up the park with clear site lines through the park, increasing the sense of space, making it a more welcoming place to be and to improve the feeling of safety while in the park.’


Member of Coronation Park’s Friends Of Group, Cyril Sellars, said:


“As a member of the Corby community who remembers Coronation Park in all of its former glory, the work being undertaken is very welcome news to myself and other members of the Friends Of Group. Coronation Park is a beautiful green space that Corby is very lucky to have, so I look forward to residents being able to enjoy the park at its very best.”


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