Corby takes action against bullying as part of National Anti-Bullying Week

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017 - 16:45


Corby Borough Council is joining forces with Neighbourhood Policing to support National Anti-Bullying Week running from 13th – 17th November.


Throughout the week a series of school workshops and assemblies across the Borough will be held, where pupils will be given information about how to deal with bullying behaviour. The programme will aim to help children understand different types of bullying and how to tackle it.


The programme also supports the Police led Blue Butterfly scheme. The Blue Butterfly scheme is a countywide Police led programme helping children understand the feelings they might have if they witness domestic violence and encourages children to share their feelings if they have been affected by bullying at home or school.


As well as the workshops and assemblies, the programme will also be supported with a stencilling campaign in playground areas to reinforce the anti-bullying messages.


Members of Corby Borough Council’s Neighbourhood Management Team and Police Officers will also be supporting youngsters within the playground by giving them the opportunity to come and talk to them and ask any questions they may have about bullying in a safe, informal environment.


Corby Borough Council’s Lead Member for Neighbourhood Services, Cllr Bob Eyles, said:


‘We are very pleased to be getting involved and actively supporting the National Anti-Bullying Week campaign. In 2016/17 the national children’s charity, NSPCC, recorded 24,000 counselling sessions delivered to children about bullying. This figure is deeply saddening and highlights just how wide-spread the issue is and how important it is for us to address it with our youngsters.’


Sgt Jon Hodgson, Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:


‘This is a great opportunity for us all to focus on anti bullying. Cyber bullying is an area that parents and carers need to be involved in with their children together and have the discussion. Bullying can take place in any environment, and we support activity to increase awareness of this issue. We are looking forward to working with Partners on this during the week.’



The Anti-Bullying Week is nationally co-ordinated by the Anti Bullying Alliance.





  • The Anti Bullying Alliance is a coalition of organisations and individuals working to stop bullying and create safer environments in which children and young people can grow, play and learn.


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