Corby receives £750k to help accelerate growth and the economy

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Monday, October 12, 2020 - 16:00

Corby Borough Council is extremely pleased to announce that a successful application of £750,000 has been awarded to the Borough as part of the Government’s accelerated fund.

This fund is one of the government’s capital investment projects and forms part of their ambition to level up the communities by creating jobs and building stronger and more resilient local economies and growth. 

The Accelerated Fund will be used to support capital spend within the intervention framework as set out in the Towns Fund Further Guidance:

Particular focus will be on projects this financial year that will support the town in responding to immediate challenges, including:

  • Improvement to or new parks and green spaces and sustainable transport links
  • Improvements to town centres including repurposing empty commercial properties
  • Demolition or site remediation where this will have an immediate benefit

Leader of Corby Borough Council, Cllr Tom Beattie:

‘The impact of Covid-19 has made any local investments more important than ever. The past few months have been hugely challenging for communities across the country and we hope to use the monies towards projects that will support the growth and recovery of our towns during the pandemic.’

Chair of the Town Deal Board Lorna Dodge said: 

‘It is incredibly encouraging that we have been awarded funding for projects within Corby that will help to strengthen our community and continue with the planned growth of the town’

Georgina Ager, Vice Principal of The Bedford College Group, which includes Tresham College said:

‘As part of Tresham College’s commitment to our students' and staff's health and well-being, and through them to the wider community of Corby, we applied to have improved and upgraded outdoor activity facilities. 

‘We are delighted to have been part of a successful combined bid, and look forward to unveiling our new gym equipment.’

Sovereign Centros on behalf of the owners of Corby Town Centre comment:

‘We are delighted to have secured part of the bid to support projects that will enable us to continue the improvement in Corby town centre. The monies will allow us to introduce new public realm and refurbish the established and popular market along Corporation Street.  

‘In addition the redundant area of land situated at the important gateway entrance into Corby town centre from the main car park will greatly benefit from a complete makeover.  We are very much looking forward to creating an area for the public to use and enjoy.’


Notes to Editors:

Details of projects are as follows:

1. Partial pedestrianisation of George Street, Corby £350,000

This project proposes to partially pedestrianise a section of George Street.  This area links Corby town centre with the Parkland Gateway leisure quarter, a busy multi-use area; which houses the Corby Cube, Corby East Midlands International Pool, and cinema and restaurant complex. These works would significantly improve the accessibility and mobility for pedestrians and cyclists moving between the town centre retail area and the leisure quarter, as well as improve the attractiveness of the public realm, air pollution and noise from road vehicles. It would encourage more independent movement and also provide safety for shoppers.

We are currently working with Northamptonshire County Council’s Highways department to deliver this important project.

2. Cycleway infrastructure Improvements to link town parks £110,000

This project will create an accessible trail across the green spaces within the borough of Corby.  It will improve the current infrastructure and will introduce waymarker signs, maps, leaflets, interpretation boards and QR codes to inform visitors of the heritage background for site across the town and will clearly provide links between all.

The projects primary objectives will be to improve town centre cycling, in particular connecting open space, and enable all visitors to gain an understanding of both the industrial and natural heritage within the borough by opening up the woodlands to create safer and more open accessible spaces. Safer cycle routes will provide safe green corridors between the main woodland sites within Corby.

3. Corporation Street public realm and market improvements £70,000

Corporation Street forms part of the main retail centre for Corby town. It remains a busy and successful shopping district, but the public realm is currently let down by tired market stalls, outdated street furniture and limited greenery. The market is popular with a diverse range of businesses, some of whom have successfully operated for many years.

The stalls now require a complete refurbishment and improvement. The project will also supply new street furniture and planters along Corporation Street. A more modern and sturdy design is now required that would be designed to incorporate attractive planters, introducing greenery to this area and improving public realm.

This is a very important aspect during this pandemic, we want to encourage the people of Corby back into Corby’s town centre safely and following government guidelines.

4. Market walk site remediation £100,000

The refurbishment of redundant space in Market Walk will entail the preparation of the site for the installation of decking. This area offers excellent views to the south-east of Corby and will offer an attractive area for the people of Corby to enjoy whilst visiting the town centre area.

This would further enhance this area of the town by having an attractive outdoor space in the town centre.  It will offer a flexible space that can be adapted for a variety of uses in an extremely prominent position and a key gateway into the town centre from the new surface level car park.

5. Outdoor gym equipment for Tresham College £20,000

This project will encourage the students to participate in outdoor exercise.  Exercise has been shown to improve mental health and relaxation; outdoor activities boosts the benefits even more. With dedicated outdoor gym equipment for students, they can enjoy feeling healthier and increasing their activity.

The external gym machines are great for colleges. They allow students to have easy access to fitness equipment in a familiar environment without the expense of a gym membership.  

Outdoor activities like team games are generally more enjoyable and encourages people to continue them regularly. Any form of exercise is beneficial for anyone looking to manage their weight, or simply improve their own personal fitness. So an activity that’s enjoyable and easier to stick to will always have more health benefits.

A selection of outdoor equipment in the Corby campus at Tresham College would have health benefits for the students for years to come.

6. Play area equipment replacement £100,000

This project will concentrate on the play areas in most need of updating due to outdated equipment.  Parks are valued by individuals, families and communities especially during these times. They are central to people’s lives, they provide leisure, relaxation and exercise. They are also essential for community cohesion, physical and mental health and wellbeing, biodiversity, climate change mitigation, and local economic growth.

As parks are now open once again, they are still a place where families and friends can spend time outdoors and feel safe while maintaining a social distance and following government guidelines.

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