Corby Cube

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Friday, February 17, 2017 - 18:00

The iconic Corby Cube opened its doors to the public on 2nd November 2010. It is home to a modern 445 seat theatre and arts space, well equipped library and registrar. It also houses the Council Chambers and One Stop Shop staffed by trained Customer Service Advisors.


As has been widely reported, the cost of developing Corby Cube gave rise to a significant cost overrun. As a result, Corby Borough Council established a cross-party Member Working Group to undertake a review of the circumstances giving rise to the cost overrun. Both legal and construction expert advisors were consulted as part of the review undertaken.


Multiple reasons were identified as factors contributing to the cost overrun. However, following a detailed forensic review, the expert advice received was that, whilst there were failings on the part of a number of parties engaged in the development process, there was insufficient evidence to show that the conduct of those parties was the sole cause of the cost overrun. On this basis, the Working Group has reached decision that there is little or no merit in looking to pursue any claims against the parties involved in the development of Corby Cube. This decision was ratified by the One Corby Policy Committee in January 2017.

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